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  • A Study Analyses Mineral Content in Plant-Based Milk

    A Study Analyses Mineral Content in Plant-Based Milk0

    As more people embrace plant-based diets, the demand for alternative milk options has skyrocketed. From almond to soy, oat to coconut, plant-based beverages have gained popularity as dairy alternatives. But have you ever wondered about their mineral content? A recent study has delved into this topic, providing valuable insights into the mineral profiles of various

  • Most Commonly Adulterated foods in India

    Most Commonly Adulterated foods in India0

    Food adulteration is the act of diminishing the quality of food or food ingredients by adding, manipulating, or substituting them with cheaper and inferior materials. Owing to high demand, lack of proper storage and packaging facilities, and desire for a quick profit, food adulteration in today’s day and age is rampant and we as consumers

  • Adulteration of Milk

    Adulteration of Milk0

    Milk and dairy products are some of the most widely used food items in the world. Therefore, it is no surprise that milk is one of the most widely adulterated items. In this article, we will discuss the common adulterants used in milk and their side effects.  Why does milk adulteration take place? Milk contains

  • The Milk Menace

    The Milk Menace0

      The merits and demerits of milk has been a topic of debate for at least the past thousand years. In the United States, milk was one of the first foods ever to be tested in a laboratory, and in present times, it is one of the most regulated food in most nations worldwide. How Important is