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Hygiene Violations in Hyderabad Dairy Units

Hygiene Violations in Hyderabad Dairy Units

The task force teams of Telangana’s Commissioner of Food Safety conducted inspections at dairy manufacturing units in Hyderabad on June 25 (Tuesday) and uncovered several hygiene violations.

The inspections were conducted in two dairy farms – Sapthagiri Foods and Creamline Dairy Products Limited (Jersey). Many non-compliances were observed in the dairy units, with the key findings detailed below:

Sapthagiri Foods, Karmanghat :

What they got right

Licence Displayed: The FSSAI licence was visible in the office.
Safety Gear Available: Headgear, gloves, and uniforms were provided for food handlers.

What they got wrong

Missing Documents: No medical fitness certificates or pest control records.
Premises Issues: Lack of insect-proof screens and improperly fitted doors.
Testing Facilities: No internal laboratory and unavailable analysis reports.
Transport Vehicle: Missing FSSAI licence or registration.

Creamline Dairy Products Limited (Jersey), Uppal:

What they got right

Displayed Licence: The FSSAI licence was visible at the entrance.
Supervision: Seven FoSTaC-trained supervisors on site.
Documentation: Available pest control records, medical fitness certificates, and analysis reports.
Transport Vehicles: Proper FSSAI licences for transporting dairy products.
Safety Measures: Workers equipped with hair caps, gloves, masks, and uniforms

What they got wrong

Structural Problems: Loose plaster flakes, broken tiles, and potential water seepage.
Unlicensed Activity: Repacking of cooking butter was not included in the licence scope.
Storage Issues: Raw food articles are not stored at specified temperatures.
Hygiene Compliance:  Insect-proof screens are in place, and minor damage noted.

Related Inspections in Pasumamula Village

In a recent inspection, inspectors discovered significant violations at Anitha Dairy Products and All Rich Dairy Private Limited in Pasumamula village, Ranga Reddy district.

At Anitha Dairy Products, inspectors discovered water stagnation, a foul odour, unlicensed production of masala buttermilk, and 12 cartons of seized raw material. Inspectors noted labelling deficiencies and found expired laboratory reagents. The lab’s microbiologist lacked qualifications, several food handlers were without gloves, and the factory lacked a visible FSSAI license and proper transportation licenses.

At All Rich Dairy Private Limited, inspectors confiscated 263 kilograms of unlabeled ghee, found rust on transportation trolleys, and water stagnation in the manufacturing area. Food handlers were without gloves, headgear, and aprons, and insect-proof screens were absent. The FSSAI licence was not visibly displayed, and medical fitness certificates and FoSTaC trainees were missing.


These inspections reveal significant lapses in hygiene practices at dairy units. These units must fix these issues right away to ensure the safety and quality of the dairy products they are selling. Regulatory authorities need to step up with stricter hygiene standards and regular inspections to prevent future violations. As consumers, we should be aware of the hygiene standards of dairy products and report any concerns. Food safety is everyone’s responsibility.

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