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FSSAI License Procedure for Petty Food Business Operators 

The section 2.1.1 of the FSSAI regulations outlines the process for the registration of petty food businesses in India. 

What are Petty Food Business Operators

Petty food manufacturers are those businesses dealing with the selling of food including hawkers, temporary stall owners and small cottage industries with –

  1. An annual turnover not more than Rs 12 lakhs
  2. Production capacity of food does not exceed 100 kg/ltr per day or
  3. Procurement or handling and collection of milk is not more than 500 litres of milk per day
  4. The slaughtering capacity is up to 2 large animals or 10 small animals or 50 poultry birds per day

Process for registration









All petty food business operators are required to register with the Registering Authority by submitting an application for registration in Form A under Schedule 2, along with a fee as provided in Schedule 3. 

This can be done online on the following website  : https://foscos.fssai.gov.in/apply-for-lic-and-reg








The petty food manufacturer must also adhere to the basic hygiene and safety requirements outlined in Part I of Schedule 4 and provide a self-attested declaration of adherence to these requirements with the application in the format provided in Annexure-1 under Schedule 2.

After Registration

The Registering Authority will consider the application and may either grant registration or reject it with reasons to be recorded in writing or issue a notice for inspection within 7 days of receiving the application for registration. If an inspection is ordered, the registration shall be granted by the Registering Authority within 30 days if satisfied with the safety, hygiene, and sanitary conditions of the premises as contained in Part II of Schedule 4.

If registration is not granted, denied, or inspection not ordered within 7 days, or no decision is communicated within 30 days, the petty food manufacturer may start its business. 

After the inspection, the Food Business Operator must comply with any improvement suggested by the Registering Authority later. It is also stated that registration shall not be refused without giving the applicant an opportunity of being heard and for reasons to be recorded in writing.

Issuing of Certificate








The Registering Authority will issue a registration certificate and a photo identity card to the registered petty food business operator, which shall be displayed at a prominent place at all times within the premises or vehicle or cart or any other place where the person carries on sale/manufacture of food in the case of Petty Food Business. 

The Registering Authority or any officer or agency specifically authorised for this purpose will carry out food safety inspection of the registered establishments at least once a year.

However, a producer of milk who is a registered member of a dairy Cooperative Society registered under Cooperative Societies Act and supplies or sells the entire milk to the Society is exempted from this provision for registration.

FSSAI registration is an important step for any food business operator who wants to ensure the safety and quality of their food products. While the process of obtaining an FSSAI certificate may seem daunting, it is a straightforward procedure that can be completed in a few simple steps. By taking the time to understand the requirements and following the procedures, food business operators can ensure that their businesses are operating in compliance with food safety regulations and that their customers can enjoy safe and high-quality food products.


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