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  • Are You Eating Real Vanilla? Beware of Imitation Vanilla!

    Are You Eating Real Vanilla? Beware of Imitation Vanilla!0

    Real vanilla is a delicious, aromatic spice used in many recipes. It has a unique flavour that cannot be duplicated by imitation vanilla. Unfortunately, many products sold on the market are labelled ‘”vanilla,’” but are made with imitation vanilla. If you are looking for the real thing, keep an eye out for pure vanilla extract

  • Most Commonly Adulterated foods in India

    Most Commonly Adulterated foods in India0

    Food adulteration is the act of diminishing the quality of food or food ingredients by adding, manipulating, or substituting them with cheaper and inferior materials. Owing to high demand, lack of proper storage and packaging facilities, and desire for a quick profit, food adulteration in today’s day and age is rampant and we as consumers

  • Metanil Yellow : Food Colour

    Metanil Yellow : Food Colour0

    Food colours and dyes have become increasingly popular in today’s day and age. It is used in the cooking and baking industries to increase the aesthetic value of food. While food colourants in small amounts do not have immediate adverse effects on health, it can cause serious health issues in the long run. In this