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  • The Bitter Truth About Sugar Adulteration

    The Bitter Truth About Sugar Adulteration0

    Sugar is often called ‘The White Death’ because of its detrimental side effects to human health. While we are aware of how harmful sugar can be when consumed excessively and without caution, what makes it more dangerous is sugar adulteration. Raw sugar is sucrose extracted from sugarcane or sugar beet and is brown in colour. Table

  • Artificial Sweeteners Can Cause Weight Gain

    Artificial Sweeteners Can Cause Weight Gain0

    Artificial sweeteners are calorie-free or low-calorie chemical compounds that mimic the taste of sugar but have lower energy content. They’re in everything from drinks, sweets, and ready-to-eat meals to cakes, chewing gum, and toothpaste. Some sugar alternatives are natural, while others are artificial. Artificial sweeteners are those that aren’t made from natural ingredients. Some of