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protein bars

How Healthy is Your Average Protein Bar?

Protein Bars Protein bars have become a popular source of protein over the years. It is not only a convenient form of protein to carry around in your backpack, but…
Corn syrup picture

High Fructose Corn Syrup : Health Effects

What is Corn Syrup? Corn syrup is a common sweetener that is obtained by the breaking down of cornstarch either by heating it with a diluted acid or an enzyme.…
silicon dioxide

INS 551: Sand in our food?

We consume the compound INS 551 without even realising what it is. It is a commonly used component in commercial food. INS 551 or E 551 is simply the industry…

Utterly Butterly Disaster: Adulterants In Butter

In the words of Julia Childs, “With enough butter, anything is good.” Undoubtedly, a little bit of butter can amp up any meal. Whether it’s on paranthas, simple toast, soups,…

Monosodium Glutamate : Safe To Eat?

If you love Chinese food, you might be familiar with a tiny salt-like compound known as Monosodium glutamate (MSG). It is a wonderful taste enhancer and provides umami flavour.Monosodium Glutamate…

The Salt Squabble: Is Your Salt Adulterated?

  “Salt is the only product that changes cuisine. There’s a big difference between food that has salt and food without it. If you don’t believe that, ask people who…

Saffron Sorrows: Adulteration of Saffron!

Why is Saffron so Expensive?                  Stigma of the flower Since time immemorial, saffron has been an ingredient which is sought after for…

Maida Malice: Learn All About Its Adulteration

Pizzas, doughnuts, paranthas, pastries, momos, pasta— what looks like a list of all of our favourite comfort foods may be under the threat of contamination because of the one essential,…


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