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Food Industry Responsibility: Tackling Returned Consignments

Food Industry Responsibility: Tackling Returned Consignments

India’s food industry plays a crucial role in both domestic and international markets. However, recent incidents of returned consignments due to quality concerns have tarnished its reputation. Food Processing Industries Secretary, Anita Praveen, emphasizes the need for greater responsibility within the industry.

The Reputation Challenge

  • Quality Concerns: The recent surge in returned consignments due to quality issues has raised alarm bells within the industry. Whether it’s substandard ingredients, improper packaging, or hygiene lapses, these incidents erode consumer trust and damage the industry’s reputation.
  • Economic Impact: Returned consignments not only result in financial losses for individual companies but also affect the overall economy. The cost of reprocessing, disposal, and reputational damage can be substantial.

Industry Responsibility

  • Supply Top-Quality Products: Praveen urges food companies to supply top-quality products that meet international standards. Maintaining quality is essential for sustained success.
  • Global Export Markets: India’s food exports are closely scrutinized by international markets. Any negative incident—be it pesticide residues, adulteration, or contamination—can impact the country’s image. Secretary Praveen rightly emphasizes that what leaves our shores represents the entire nation.
  • Country Reputation: Praveen emphasizes that what leaves India’s shores represents the country. A bad name harms everyone, so responsible practices are vital.


The food industry must prioritize quality, sustainability, and responsibility. By doing so, it can enhance its reputation and contribute positively to the Indian economy. The food industry’s reputation hinges on its commitment to quality, safety, and responsible practices. By addressing these challenges head-on, India’s food sector can regain trust and thrive in both domestic and global markets.

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