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35 students fell ill after a ‘lizard’ was found in their breakfast

35 students fell ill after a ‘lizard’ was found in their breakfast

In Medak, Telangana, 35 children at a government school became unwell when a lizard was discovered in their breakfast. The reptile may have unintentionally fallen into the food when it was being prepared, according to preliminary findings. Two students were hospitalised while the rest were discharged after observation.

The Report

The District Education Officer, who investigated the matter, stated in a report that when the children were served upma, one of them observed a ‘lizard’ in the breakfast.

The affected students at TG Model School in Ramayampet had symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea after their meals. A cook and an assistant cook were fired for alleged negligence, while the hostel’s caretaker and Special Officer received show cause notices, according to the Medak District Educational Officer (DEO).

School administrators swiftly responded by giving medical care and transporting the youngsters to a nearby hospital. Preliminary reports claimed that a lizard may have accidentally dropped into the dish during cooking. Health officials collected samples for analysis.

Bottom Line

Parents and residents voiced concern and sought more stringent cleanliness precautions in school kitchens. The school administration committed to thoroughly investigating the situation and taking the necessary steps to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Source: India Today

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