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Food Safety License For KFC Outlet In Thoothukudi Revoked

Food Safety License For KFC Outlet In Thoothukudi Revoked

Due to the use of a synthetic chemical, the KFC outlet in Thoothukudi has had its food safety license temporarily revoked. On Thursday, a team led by Area Food Safety Officer Kalimuthu and District Food Safety Designated Officer Mariyappan examined the eatery located within the Velavan Hypermarket complex.

The Inspection

During the raid, officials discovered that the cooking oil had undergone purification using magnesium silicate, a synthetic food ingredient. However, this artificial addition was not documented in the stock register, and its usage in cooking is strictly prohibited.

Officials seized 18 kilograms of synthetic magnesium silicate and 45 liters of old cooking oil that had been refined with it. Additionally, 56 kg of pre-prepared chicken that had not been used in more than 12 hours was seized and incinerated.

Magnesium silicate, often used as an anti-caking agent and absorbent in food and pharmaceuticals, is generally considered safe in small quantities. Excessive consumption can lead to digestive issues like nausea and diarrhea. Inhalation of this compound may irritate the respiratory tract. Improper use of magnesium silicate in cooking oil purification without proper documentation raises significant health and safety concerns.

Bottom Line

An order has been issued to conduct further investigation into this irregularity. According to an official statement, food will be inspected and analyzed, and legal action will be taken. The KFC outlet cannot be used until the order is dismissed.

This underlines the need for strict actions against offenders to protect public health. Stringent inspections, proper documentation, and immediate legal response are key contributing factors to food safety. Additionally, creating awareness among consumers about food hygiene and food safety practices is critical to preventing such incidents.


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