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FSSAI Directs E-commerce Platforms to Cease Using “Health Drink” or “Energy Drink” for Malt-Based Beverages

FSSAI Directs E-commerce Platforms to Cease Using “Health Drink” or “Energy Drink” for Malt-Based Beverages

In a recent development, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has intervened in the marketing practices of e-commerce platforms. Urging them to discontinue the use of misleading terms like “health drink” or “energy drink” while promoting malt-based beverages. This directive comes amidst growing concerns regarding the misrepresentation of certain beverages and underscores the importance of accurate labelling and transparent marketing practices.

Concerns Over Misleading Labeling

The FSSAI’s directive addresses a key issue in the marketing of malt-based beverages – the use of terms that imply health or energy benefits where none may exist. Labelling these beverages as “health drink” or “energy drink,” e-commerce platforms may inadvertently mislead consumers into believing that these products offer specific health benefits or enhanced energy levels.

The Need for Accuracy in Labeling


Malt-based beverages, while popular for their taste and refreshing qualities, do not necessarily possess the nutritional profile or functional properties typically associated with health or energy drinks. The FSSAI emphasizes the importance of accurate labelling to ensure that consumers are well-informed about the nature and attributes of the products they purchase.

Promoting Transparency and Consumer Awareness

By refraining from using misleading terms in their marketing communication, e-commerce platforms can contribute to promoting transparency and consumer awareness. Accurate labelling and transparent marketing practices are essential for building and maintaining consumer trust and safeguarding public health.

Aligning with Regulatory Guidelines

The FSSAI’s directive aligns with broader regulatory efforts to ensure that food and beverage products are marketed and labelled. In a manner that reflects their true nature and attributes. By adhering to regulatory guidelines and industry best practices, e-commerce platforms can demonstrate their commitment to consumer safety and accountability.


The FSSAI’s directive serves as a reminder for e-commerce companies to exercise diligence and responsibility in their marketing practices. Which particularly concerns malt-based beverages. Refraining from using misleading terms like “health drink” or “energy drink,” these platforms can uphold a lot of major elements. Such as transparency, protect consumer interests, and contribute to a healthier marketplace.

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