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Kochi Takeaway Eatery Shutdown After Food Poisoning Complaints

Kochi Takeaway Eatery Shutdown After Food Poisoning Complaints


In a recent incident that has raised concerns about food safety, a takeaway eatery in Kochi faced closure after three children fell ill due to suspected food poisoning. The health wing of the Thrikkakara municipality took swift action to shut down the establishment, highlighting the importance of maintaining hygienic conditions in food outlets.

The Incident

The eatery in question, named “Rahath Pathirikkada,” is located near Kakkanad in Kochi. On May 18, a family residing in EMS Colony, Edachira, ordered food from this outlet. The order included five porattas, two packets of pathiris, and two plates of chana masala. Unfortunately, their meal turned out to be more than just a satisfying takeaway.

Symptoms and Diagnosis

The youngest member of the family, a two-and-a-half-year-old girl, developed symptoms of vomiting, diarrhea, and fever shortly after consuming the food. Concerned, the family sought medical attention at Government Medical College, Ernakulam. As her condition improved, the other two children aged 10 and 5 also exhibited similar symptoms. They, too, were diagnosed with food poisoning.

Health Inspector’s Intervention

Health inspector M Madhukumar led a team to investigate the eatery’s conditions. Their findings revealed unhygienic sanitary practices, prompting the immediate closure of Rahath Pathirikkada. The team seized unlabelled packets of chapati and appam during their inspection, further emphasizing the need for proper food handling and storage.

Shop Owner’s Responsibility

The father of the affected children had purchased the food items from the eatery. In response to the situation, the health inspector instructed the shop owner to meet sanitary conditions within five days. Only after fulfilling these requirements will the eatery be allowed to resume operations.

Continued Vigilance

The health wing remains vigilant, conducting inspections to ensure food safety across various establishments. Stale food items were also seized from nearby shops, including Harsha Dhabha, Jino Bar Hotel, and MM Bakery.


This incident serves as a reminder that food safety is non-negotiable. Consumers and food businesses alike must prioritize hygiene, proper storage, and adherence to guidelines. The health of our community depends on it.

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