Suspected Food Poisoning at Wedding Feast in Uttar Pradesh: 70 Hospitalized After Consuming ‘Rasgulla’


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Uttar Pradesh, May 24,2023

In a suspected case of food poisoning, around 70 people, including several children, were admitted to the hospital after consuming food at a wedding feast in Madharpur village, Kannauj, Uttar Pradesh. Among the dishes served, ‘rasgulla,’ a milk-based sweet, was identified as the potential cause. The condition of the patients is stable, with some receiving treatment at private hospitals. Out of approximately 200 people who consumed the food, these 70 individuals experienced adverse reactions.

Admitted to the district hospital were Arzoo (1), Yusuf (2), Shifa (4), Asra (5), Sazia (7), Irfan Khan (48), Sultan (52), and Riyazuddin (55) after their condition deteriorated. The Chief Medical Superintendent of the district hospital, Dr. Shakti Basu, stated that all patients are in stable condition, with some receiving treatment at private hospitals. A resident of the village named Munna informed that almost all attendees of the feast had consumed the ‘rasgulla,’ leading to several falling ill.


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