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5 special children die of food poisoning at Indore orphanage

5 special children die of food poisoning at Indore orphanage


At the Yugpurush Dham Ashram orphanage in Indore, five specially-abled boys between the ages of five and fifteen have passed away since Sunday, and more than thirty others have been sent to the hospital. Food poisoning from a dinner the kids consumed on Sunday is thought to be the cause of four of the deaths.
Four to five of the thirty are said to be in critical condition. A detailed inquiry into the orphanage’s overall administration and food safety procedures is demanded in response to the event, which has aroused public alarm.

The incident

Following the event, a viral video featuring Local Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM) Om Narayan Badkul smiling alongside the head of the orphanage, Anita Sharma, while the body of one of the slain boys lay nearby at the orphanage, led to Badkul’s removal from office.
Outrage has been generated by the video, and it has also prompted concerns about the actions of case officials.

“We learned on Tuesday morning that at this Shri Yugpurush Dham Ashram, a few youngsters had passed away and some were experiencing vomiting and diarrhoea. The hospital admitted the unwell children,” the Additional District Magistrate stated to ANI.

“A group of doctors, a team investigating food safety, and a team investigating municipal companies were dispatched to look into the situation. The cause of the event will be revealed once the samples collected by the Food Safety Department at the scene have been examined,” he continued.

Bottom Line

The Additional District Magistrate (ADM) of Indore has constituted an inquiry team to look into what exactly happened before the fatalities.
The orphanage’s kitchen has provided food samples, which will be examined to identify the possible source of the food poisoning.


Source: The New Indian Express

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