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Ahmedabad Restaurant Sealed After Dead Rat Found in Food :Devi Dosa restaurant

Ahmedabad Restaurant Sealed After Dead Rat Found in Food :Devi Dosa restaurant


A restaurant in Ahmedabad had to shut down operations on Monday after health department officials were alerted to the presence of a dead rat on a customer’s plate. This incident has elicited the fury of the customers and prompted swift action from local authorities.

Disturbing Incident

This incident took place on Tuesday evening when patrons of the establishment known for its Chinese cuisine said they discovered a dead rodent in their meal. The stunned customers informed the restaurant workers, who reported the matter to health officials. Within a short time, the news spread, eliciting revulsion and anger among the restaurant’s regular patrons and the general public.

Immediate Action by Authorities

Health officers arrived at the scene and conducted a thorough physical inspection of the facility. They found poor cleanliness in the kitchens, irregular storage of food and other substances, and inadequate pest control.  In light of these observations, the restaurant was closed immediately, and the owners were served with a notice per the law.

Health Hazard Information and Public Health Dangers

Food safety experts have advised people to be careful, as such events have significant health implications. Consuming food contaminated by rodents can lead to severe diseases such as food poisoning, leptospirosis, and hantavirus. The presence of a dead rat in a meal underscores the need for stringent food safety measures.

Response from the Restaurant

The management of the restaurant has issued a public apology, expressing regret for the incident and assuring customers that they will take appropriate measures to rectify the situation. The statement read, “We extend our condolences for this unfortunate occurrence and wish to reaffirm our commitment to guaranteeing food hygiene and safety in our establishment.”

Regulatory measures and compliance 

The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) has emphasized the importance of compliance with food safety regulations. Officials have stated that more frequent inspections will be conducted, especially at eateries within the city, to ensure proper hygiene. Establishments found violating these standards will face severe consequences, including closure and hefty fines.

Public Reaction and Awareness 

There has been a massive public reaction following the event, with many people posting on social media to complain about the quality of food being sold. Consumers are encouraged to monitor the cleanliness of the establishments they frequent and report any signs of compromise. Public vigilance is crucial in preventing such incidents in the future.


The recent shutdown of an Ahmedabad restaurant due to a dead rat in the food highlights the urgent need for stringent hygiene measures in restaurants. Authorities are beginning to enforce stricter regulations to ensure food safety for the public. Restaurant owners and managers must prioritize these measures to protect and restore consumer confidence.

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