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Dead Rat Found in Sealed Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup Bottle

Dead Rat Found in Sealed Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup Bottle


Social media is buzzing due to an unexpected event whereby Instagram members assert that they found a dead rat in a tightly sealed bottle full of Hershey’s chocolate syrup. This event was captured on video that has since gone viral where it showed someone who poured some syrup onto a wooden spoon only to realize that short threads of hair were floating inside the liquid. Thus, out of curiosity, they opted not only to remove the top cover completely but also to tip all the syrup out of its bottle into the throwaway cup. What followed was horrifying: a thick, hard mass resembling a dead rat dropped out.

The Alarming Details

The Instagram users attempted to register a complaint but received no response. Three family members had already tasted the syrup, with two showing no symptoms after consumption. However, one girl fainted and had to be rushed to the hospital. Thankfully, she is now recovering.

Hershey’s Response

Hershey’s, the brand behind the chocolate syrup, acknowledged the incident in the comments. They then requested further information to help with investigations which included the UPC code together with the manufacturing code imprinted at the bottom of the bottle. The brand responded in the comment section but still, people are not sure about the safety measures or standards they are taking hence health hazard issues can’t be ruled out entirely.

Vigilance and Caution

The distressing incident reminds us to be aware of the food purchases we make. As consumers, We must do a thorough scrutiny of what we eat and be aware of the potential health risks. Hershey’s, too, must address this issue properly to the public to make sure that such incidents do not occur in future.


The dead rat found in Hershey’s chocolate syrup has created distress and questions. The public demands a thorough investigation and assurance that the food products from the brand remain safe. When we continue to enjoy our favourite sweets and food products, let’s also demand transparency and accountability in food production and distribution. This is a strong reminder to always check what you are eating, especially the products for children. Let’s prioritize safety and well-being above everything else.

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