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Delhi Police Uncover Massive Fake Masala Factories: 15 Tonnes of Spices Seized, Made Using Wood Dust and Acid

Delhi Police Uncover Massive Fake Masala Factories: 15 Tonnes of Spices Seized, Made Using Wood Dust and Acid

The spice of life should never be compromise especially not with wood dust and acid.

In a startling revelation, the Delhi Police recently busted clandestine masala factories operating in the heart of the city. These factories were churning out counterfeit spices, endangering public health and undermining consumer trust.

The Investigation

Acting on a tip-off, a joint operation was conducted by the Delhi Police in collaboration with food safety authorities. The target: two factories located in the Karawal Nagar area. What they discovered left everyone astounded.

The Shocking Findings

  1. Spurious Masala: A staggering 15 tonnes of adulterated masala were seized from these factories. These masalas were being packaged and sold as genuine products, but their composition was far from authentic.
  2. Ingredients from Hell: The masalas were concocted using a bizarre mix of ingredients. Wood dust and acid were the primary components, replacing traditional spices. Imagine the audacity of substituting aromatic spices with harmful substances!
  3. Public Health Hazard: The consumption of such spurious masalas poses serious health risks. Wood dust and acid are not fit for human consumption and can lead to various ailments.

The Culprits

Three individuals associated with the erstwhile Tajpuria syndicate were apprehended during the raid. Their arrest sheds light on a larger network involved in this illicit trade.

The Impact

The discovery of these fake masala factories serves as a wake-up call for consumers. It underscores the need for vigilance when purchasing food products. Consumers must verify the authenticity of spices and other food items to protect their health.

Legal Action

The arrested individuals will face charges related to food adulteration, endangering public health, and violating consumer rights. The authorities are determined to dismantle such operations and ensure the safety of citizens.


As we savour the flavours of authentic Indian cuisine, let us remain vigilant. Let us demand transparency and quality assurance from manufacturers. And most importantly, let us say no to fake masalas that endanger our well-being.

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