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Ensuring Food Safety: FSSAI’s New Quality Check Initiative

Ensuring Food Safety: FSSAI’s New Quality Check Initiative

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is stepping up its game to safeguard consumer health. In a recent move, FSSAI announced its plan to conduct comprehensive surveillance on various food items.

Targeted Food Items

  1. Fortified Rice:
    • With the growing popularity of fortified rice (enriched with essential nutrients), FSSAI aims to verify the quality of food and adherence to standards.
    • Fortified rice plays a crucial role in addressing malnutrition, especially among vulnerable populations.
  2. Dairy Products:
    • From milk to cheese, yoghurt, and butter, dairy products are staples in our diets.
    • FSSAI will closely monitor their safety, hygiene, and nutritional content.
  3. Spices and Culinary Herbs:
    • Spices add flavour to our meals, but their quality matters.
    • FSSAI’s surveillance extends to branded spice products, ensuring they meet safety standards.
  4. Salmonella in Fish Products:
    • Fish is a protein-rich choice for many.
    • FSSAI will scrutinize fish products for any contamination risks.
  5. Milk and Milk Products:
    • Milk, paneer, and ghee are daily essentials.
    • FSSAI’s checks will ensure their purity and nutritional value.

Why This Initiative Matters

  1. Consumer Confidence:
    • By enforcing quality standards, FSSAI boosts consumer confidence.
    • When you buy dairy products or spices, you can trust that they meet safety benchmarks.
  2. Health Impact:
    • Safe food directly impacts our health.
    • FSSAI’s vigilance prevents health risks arising from substandard products.
  3. Global Reputation:
    • Compliance with international norms enhances India’s reputation in global trade.
    • Exported spices, for instance, must meet stringent quality criteria.

What’s Next?

  1. Increased Sampling:
    • FSSAI’s sample collection has surged over the years.
    • Rigorous analysis ensures compliance across the food industry.
  2. Penalties for Non-Compliance:
    • Brands failing to meet norms face penalties under the FSS Act.
    • Fines and imprisonment serve as deterrents.


FSSAI’s commitment to food safety resonates with every consumer. As we savour our meals, let’s appreciate the efforts behind the scenes to ensure that what reaches our plates is not just delicious but safe too.

Stay informed, stay safe!

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