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FSSAI Urges Action Against Unsafe Foods Across India

FSSAI Urges Action Against Unsafe Foods Across India


Key Points:

  • Enforcement Sampling: FSSAI, as well as the state food safety authorities, carry out enforcement sampling exercises on food commodities from across the country. Consumers have specific needs for the safe production and provision of food.
  • Prohibition and Recall: Any food product that is rendered unsafe based on the provisions of the FSS Act, 2006, must not be deemed fit for human consumption and must be withdrawn from circulation. If samples of food items posing a health risk to consumers are found, state authorities are equipped to take immediate and appropriate action.
  • Primary Lab Reports: If enforcement samples are flagged as unsafe in the first lab report, the designated authorities and central licensing officers must act immediately.
  • Consumer Protection: In particular, efforts are made to protect consumers from harm by removing food products posing health risks from the market.

Bottom Line

FSSAI’s measures, such as safe food distribution, help mitigate possible concerns in advance. Some of the activities include enforcement sampling, banning and recalling unsafe products, and taking immediate actions based on initial lab results. Such actions are intended to benefit consumers and ensure that safe food products are available on the market.

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