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Hyderabad Eateries Fail Food Safety Inspections

Hyderabad Eateries Fail Food Safety Inspections


When it comes to our favourite eateries, we trust that they adhere to strict food safety standards. However, recent inspections in Hyderabad have revealed a different reality. From rat infestations to unhygienic practices, the food safety commissioner’s task force has uncovered alarming violations. In this article, we delve into the findings and discuss the actions taken to ensure public health. Let’s explore the hidden side of our beloved food joints.


The food safety commissioner’s task force recently inspected food outlets in Lakdikapul, Hyderabad. Here are some key findings:

  1. Rat Infestation: Hotel New Fishland harboured rats roaming on the floor and inside exhaust vents. Unfortunately, the outlet failed to present pest control records during the inspection.
  2. Hygiene Issues: Hotel New Fishland also lacked basic hygiene practices. Uncovered dustbins and semi-prepared food articles were stored in the refrigerator without proper covers and labels. Synthetic food colours not prescribed by FSSAI were being used and were discarded immediately.
  3. Other Violations: Inspectors did not receive the food handlers’ medical fitness certificates, and the original food license remained absent from display on the premises. Similar violations were noted at Hyderate The Bar.
  4. Expired Food: On-the-spot disposal occurred for expired food products such as chicken, mayonnaise, and pasta.
  5. Action Taken: The FSSAI Act mandated issuing notices to all outlets.

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