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Karnataka: FSSAI Conducts Food Hygiene Inspections at 200 Bus Stands

Karnataka: FSSAI Conducts Food Hygiene Inspections at 200 Bus Stands


The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) carried out thorough inspections at over 200 bus stands throughout Karnataka, targeting over 700 shops, to uphold high food quality standards and adherence to protocol. The goal was to identify those selling products past their expiration date or without FSSAI licensing, which governs consumption quality standards.

Official statement

During the inspection, a senior FSSAI official told TNIE that they discovered a shop selling exclusively expired goods, like as chips, soft drinks, juices, snacks, and biscuits, at the Malur bus terminal in the Kolar district. The department has now temporarily closed the shop.

According to the official, there were multiple complaints in May indicating that the food items offered at bus stations, especially the town and district ones, were of subpar quality and should not be consumed.

A few people who had resorted to social media to report on the poor quality of food being sold at bus stations brought attention to the situation. In response, the Food Safety Act of 2006’s first round of inspections was carried out with the intention of penalizing sellers.

“The outlets will undergo reinspection. This is to serve as a warning to ensure that nothing which compromises people’s health is sold,” the official mentioned.

Pani puri samples

After examining 260 samples across the state, the Karnataka FSSAI may shortly take definitive action against the sale of pani puri. About 41 of the total samples were deemed hazardous because they contained artificial colouring and carcinogens, while another 18 samples were deemed to be of low quality.

According to the study analysis, several merchants had been using artificial colouring and chemicals, such as tartrazine, a synthetic yellow dye, sunset yellow, an orange dye, and dazzling blue, a blue colourant for processed foods.

Food safety officials stated that they are presently assessing the circumstances to determine how to enforce food safety regulations and take appropriate action against violators.

Source: The New Indian Express

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