Mass Food Poisoning in Madhya Pradesh: 55 Hospitalized After Consuming Matka Kulfi


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Khargone, April 6, 2023

At least 55 people, including 25 children, from several villages in Madhya Pradesh’s Khargone district were rushed to the hospital with symptoms of food poisoning after consuming matka kulfi during an annual fair at a temple located 14 km away from the district headquarters.

Dr. Daulat Singh Chauhan, the Chief Medical and Health Officer of Khargone, confirmed that 55 individuals, including 25 children, were admitted to the district hospital due to complaints of stomach ache, vomiting, and diarrhea associated with food poisoning. The patients are currently in stable condition, but discharge decisions will be made following further medical examination.

Dr. Dilip Septa, RMO of the district hospital, mentioned that patients continued to arrive until 3 am, with two children initially in critical condition. However, after receiving treatment, their condition has stabilized.

Additional 13 individuals were admitted to the district hospital on Thursday morning, bringing the total number of affected patients to 55.

Dinesh Kushwaha, a villager, stated that he and his 3-year-old granddaughter consumed matka kulfi at the temple, after which they experienced health problems. He estimated that approximately 60 people had consumed the kulfi.

Bapu Singh Parihar, the Vice President of the Khargone District Panchayat, explained that the annual fair takes place at Renuka Mandir Mata Mandir near Chhatalgaon and Rajpura Villages, with villagers from Chhathalgaon, Ghatti, Badgaon, Rajpura, Nagjhiri, and Balgaon participating.

Upon receiving information about the incident, the affected individuals were promptly transported to the district hospital with the assistance of 108 ambulances and other vehicles.

SDM Om Nrayan Singh, who visited the site, reported that samples of the kulfi were being sent for examination as per the instructions of District Collector Shivraj Singh Verma. Vijay Kushwaha was identified as the person who made and sold the kulfi.


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