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No GMO Food Without Prior Nod

No GMO Food Without Prior Nod

In a draft notification released by the FSSAI on 15 November 2021, the regulatory body outlined the guidelines and safety assessments in the use of Genetically Modified Organisms(GMO), Genetically Engineered Organisms (GEOs), or Living Modified Organisms (LMOs) either directly or indirectly as food or for food processing .

It stated no one can manufacture, store, distribute, sell or import in the country any food or food ingredient derived from Genetically Modified Organisms, except with the prior approval of the Food Authority.

The FSSAI also mandated labelling regulations for all food products having individual Genetically Engineered (GE) ingredient of 1% or more . The labelling shall be as: Contains GMO/Ingredients derived from GMO.

In case of imports, if the GMO certificate is issued by the concerned authority of country of origin, the certificate should be endorsed/ authenticated by Indian Embassy/High Commission/Consulate in that country/Embassy of the country of origin in India.

After an inter-ministerial consultation process, the draft has been released for seeking stakeholder views.

To read the draft click here.



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