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Pathayam: Thiruvananthapuram’s Naturopathic Food Haven

Pathayam: Thiruvananthapuram’s Naturopathic Food Haven


We all desire to eat healthy food, but it’s not always given to us on a platter. Particularly, if you decide to dine outside, there are slim chances that you will get food that is deemed healthy. However, Pathayam, located on Government Press Road near the Thiruvananthapuram Secretariat in Kerala, is one big exception.

Emphasizing Health Over Taste

Pathayam is a natural food restaurant that prioritizes health over taste. It operates on the idea that “good food is the cure for all diseases, not medicine.” Consequently, it is not a place for those seeking rich and indulgent dishes. Instead, Pathayam offers:

  • Red Pre-Boiled Rice: A wholesome alternative to regular rice.
  • Mildly Spiced Main Courses: Prepared using organic vegetables and grains.
  • Banana Smoothies and Salads: Refreshing and nutritious options.
  • Uncooked Nuts, Legumes, and Sprouted Grains: Alongside organically cooked meals.

Unique Features of Pathayam

  1. No Red Chillies: Pathayam stands apart from other restaurants by avoiding red chillies in its dishes. Instead, they use pepper and green chillies to spice up their flavours.
  2. Prioritizing Green Vegetables and Millet: The restaurant highlights the importance of incorporating green vegetables and millet into one’s diet for better health.
  3. Raw Payasam, Bamboo Rice Payasam, Wheat Samosa, and Fruit Kit: Some distinctive names on their menu, tweaked in an organic style.

If you identify yourself as someone who would choose healthy food over elaborate dishes, do not miss Pathayam the next time you are in Thiruvananthapuram. Remember, good health begins with mindful food choices!

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