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Quality in Question: The Centipede Discovery in Amul Ice Cream

Quality in Question: The Centipede Discovery in Amul Ice Cream


In a disturbing turn of events, a customer in Noida was horrified to find a centipede inside an ice cream tub she ordered online. This alarming discovery has not only caused distress to the customer but also raised concerns about the quality control measures of Amul, a leading dairy brand known for its superior quality products in India and globally.

Incident Details

The customer, upon finding the centipede, promptly shared images of the contaminated product on social media, which quickly garnered public attention and led to an outcry for accountability. Amul responded immediately to the complaint, expressing deep regret for the inconvenience caused and requested the return of the ice cream tub for a thorough investigation.

Amul’s Response

Amul’s swift action to address the issue reflects its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. The company has assured that it is in contact with the customer and is taking all necessary steps to investigate this rare incident thoroughly.

Public Reaction

The incident has sparked a debate on food safety standards and consumer rights, with many calling for stricter quality checks and transparency from food manufacturers.


The centipede discovery in an Amul ice cream tub serves as a stark reminder of the importance of stringent quality control measures in the food industry. As Amul investigates this incident, all stakeholders in the food supply chain must reinforce their commitment to ensuring that such unsettling events do not recur, maintaining consumer trust in their products.

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