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Rameshwaram Cafe Raided: A Closer Look at Violations

Rameshwaram Cafe Raided: A Closer Look at Violations


Bengaluru’s culinary landscape is a vibrant tapestry of flavours, and Rameshwaram Cafe has long been a favourite among food enthusiasts. However, a recent inspection by the Hyderabad Food Safety Department has revealed serious lapses in food safety practices at this beloved eatery.

The Raid: A Deeper Dive

Expired Food Items Found

  1. Urad Dal (100 kg):
    • The cafe had a staggering 100 kg of Urad Dal, valued at ₹16,000, which had exceeded its shelf life.
    • Urad Dal is a staple in South Indian cuisine, and its freshness is crucial for taste and safety.
  2. Nandini Curd (10 kg):
    • The inspection team discovered 10 kg of Nandini Curd that was no longer fit for consumption.
    • Curd is a common accompaniment to dosas and idlis, and serving expired curd poses health risks.
  3. Expired Milk (Eight litres):
    • The cafe had stored eight litres of milk beyond its use-by date.
    • Milk is a fundamental ingredient in many dishes, and using expired milk jeopardizes both taste and safety.
  4. Other Violations:
    • Medical Fitness Certificates: The cafe failed to submit medical fitness certificates for its food handlers, a critical requirement to ensure safe food handling.
    • Uncovered Dustbins: Dustbins within the premises lacked lids, potentially attracting pests and compromising hygiene.
    • Baahubali Kitchen: On the same day, another restaurant named Baahubali Kitchen faced scrutiny. Cockroaches were found inside stored food items, and the kitchen’s overall hygiene was severely lacking. The restaurant owners received a notice.

About Rameshwaram Cafe

  • Signature Dishes: Rameshwaram Cafe is renowned for its ghee-laden idlis and dosas, drawing crowds of hungry patrons.
  • Celebrity Hangout: The fully crowded cafe often hosts celebrities seeking a taste of authentic South Indian fare.
  • Recent Controversy: Rameshwaram Cafe made headlines recently due to a bomb blast at its Bengaluru branch, resulting in injuries to several diners.


The Rameshwaram Cafe case underscores the importance of adhering to food safety regulations. Whether it’s a humble eatery or a high-end restaurant, maintaining impeccable hygiene standards is non-negotiable. As consumers, we must remain vigilant and demand accountability from our favourite dining spots.



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