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Regulator May Amend Baby Food Product Labelling Rules Soon

Regulator May Amend Baby Food Product Labelling Rules Soon

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is gearing up to introduce crucial amendments to the Front of Package Labelling (FOPL) rules. These changes, designed to enhance consumer awareness and safety, will gradually be implemented.

What Is FOPL?

Front of Package Labelling (FOPL) provides simplified nutrition information on the front of food packaging. Its purpose is to assist consumers in making informed food choices. The upcoming amendments will focus on specific aspects related to baby food products.

Yellow Slip Warning for Baby Food Products

In the first phase of implementation, baby food product packaging will feature a mandatory warning. This warning will clearly indicate the quantity of sugar in the product. Here’s how it will work:

  • Yellow Slip: A yellow slip will be prominently displayed on the packaging.
  • Proportional Size: The size of the yellow slip will correspond to the proportion of sugar content in the product. For instance, if a product contains 10% sugar, the yellow slip will cover 10% of the front side of the packaging.
  • Impact on Manufacturers: Food manufacturers, including major players like Nestle, Patanjali, and Wockhardt, will need to adapt to this new requirement.

Why Is This Important?

  1. Transparency: Consumers deserve clear information about the nutritional content of the food they purchase, especially when it comes to products meant for infants.
  2. Health Considerations: Excessive sugar consumption can have adverse effects on health, particularly for young children. By highlighting sugar content, parents and caregivers can make better choices for their little ones.
  3. Preventing Misleading Claims: The yellow slip will prevent misleading claims on packaging and ensure that consumers are well-informed.

Next Steps

As the FSSAI prepares to roll out these amendments, it’s essential for both manufacturers and consumers to stay informed. The goal is to create a healthier food environment, starting with the youngest members of our population.

Let’s look forward to a safer and more transparent approach to baby food labelling in India.

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