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Shawarma Outlets: Food Safety Wing Takes Action across Kerala

Shawarma Outlets: Food Safety Wing Takes Action across Kerala

After inspections revealed serious lapses in food safety and hygiene guidelines, the Food Safety Wing has taken decisive action against shawarma outlets across Kerala. The Food Safety Wing has issued immediate cease-and-desist notices to 52 food outlets for non-compliance with shawarma manufacturing and sale guidelines.


Last year, the Food Safety Wing issued special guidelines for all food outlets regarding shawarma preparation. The laxity in maintaining these guidelines has led to frequent food poisoning episodes associated with this popular street food. The department emphasized strict adherence to hygiene standards and specific cooking practices to address this.

Key Findings

During inspections conducted at 512 food business outlets across the state, the following actions were taken:

  1. Compounding Notices: 108 outlets received compounding notices for various violations.
  2. Rectification Notices: 56 outlets were issued rectification notices to correct their practices.
  3. Labeling Violations: The department is also taking action against 40 food outlets that sold takeaway packs without proper labeling. The mandatory label should specify the time of preparation and the best-before-consumption time.

Shawarma-Making Guidelines

The special guidelines for shawarma preparation include the following key points:

  1. Continuous Cooking: Meat must be cooked continuously at full heat. Chicken requires 15 minutes, while beef needs 30 minutes of uninterrupted cooking.
  2. Secondary Cooking: Sliced meat from the cone should undergo a secondary cooking step (grilling or baking) to ensure thorough cooking.
  3. Mayonnaise Safety: Avoid using raw eggs in mayonnaise sauce preparation. Instead, opt for pasteurized eggs or store-bought mayonnaise. Remember to store any leftover mayonnaise below 4°C and consume it within two days.
  4. Discarding Leftover Meat: After four hours of continuous cooking, any remaining meat on the rotisserie should be discarded.

Awareness Classes

Food business operators making shawarma should attend awareness classes organized by the Food Safety Wing to learn proper and hygienic shawarma-making techniques.


The Food Safety Wing’s crackdown on shawarma outlets in Kerala underscores the critical need for strict adherence to food safety guidelines. By ensuring proper hygiene practices and cooking methods, we can protect consumers and maintain public health. Let’s all work together to promote safe and delicious street food experiences!

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