Suspected Food Poisoning: 21 BSF Personnel Hospitalized in Tripura’s Unakoti District


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Suspected Food Poisoning: 21 BSF Personnel Hospitalized in Tripura’s Unakoti District

Unakoti District, Tripura:- On May 30,2023 at least 21 Border Security Force (BSF) personnel, stationed at the Latiapura border outpost in the Unakoti district, Tripura have been admitted to hospitals on suspicion of food poisoning. The incident occurred on Tuesday night, and symptoms such as fever, vomiting, stomachache, and headache were reported among the affected individuals.

According to local authorities, nearly 30 BSF troopers from Battalion No. 199 experienced illness after consuming dinner. The severity of the symptoms varied, with some personnel receiving oral treatment and returning to the border outpost (BOP). Presently, 21 individuals are receiving medical care at Rajiv Gandhi Memorial Hospital, while five others have been admitted to the district hospital.

Dr. Sankha Subha Debnath, from Rajiv Gandhi Memorial Hospital, stated that the condition of the hospitalized personnel is stable but requires observation until recovery. Samples of the food and water served to the troopers at the border outpost have been collected by a team of district health officials for further investigation.

Kunal Minj, one of the affected BSF personnel, described the situation, saying, “The extreme temperature and subsequent symptoms such as fever, vomiting, abdominal pain, and loose motion started after we had our food.”

Health department officials have initiated an investigation into the incident to determine the source of the infection. Food safety officials have examined the kitchen at the camp and collected food samples, including water samples. They will also conduct tests on the chef to assess any potential infection.

As medical treatment continues and investigations unfold, efforts are being made to ensure the well-being of the remaining personnel at the border outpost. Authorities aim to identify the cause of the suspected food poisoning and implement appropriate measures to prevent such incidents in the future.


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