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Zomato-Owned Blinkit Warehouse Raided in Hyderabad

Zomato-Owned Blinkit Warehouse Raided in Hyderabad


Food safety officials recently conducted a raid at a warehouse owned by Blinkit, the quick commerce arm of Zomato, in Hyderabad. The raid uncovered several violations and raised concerns about hygiene standards and expired food items.

Background and Context:

Blinkit, the quick commerce arm of Zomato, has been making waves in the online grocery delivery sector.Ā Operating in various cities across India, Blinkit promises lightning-fast deliveries within 10 minutes through its network of dark storesā€”compact warehouses located in residential areas.

Key Findings:

  1. Hygiene Protocols Lacking:
    • During the inspection, officials discovered a lack of basic hygiene protocols at Blinkitā€™s facility.
    • The premises were found to be disorganized, unhygienic, and dusty, especially around storage racks.
    • Food handlers were observed without proper headgear, gloves, and aprons.
    • Medical fitness certificates for food handlers were not available.
  2. Expired Food Items:
    • The raid revealed expired food items stored on-site.
    • Authorities seized products manufactured by Kamakshi Foods, including semolina, peanut butter, refined flour, flattened rice, gram flour, and pearl millet (worth Rs. 30,000).
    • Additionally, whole finger millet flour and pigeon peas suspected of being infested were sent for laboratory testing (worth Rs. 52,000).
  3. Blinkitā€™s Response:
    • A company spokesperson emphasized their commitment to safety and hygiene standards.
    • Blinkit is working closely with its warehouse partner and the food safety department to address the findings.

Food Safety Violations in Hyderabad

Hyderabad, a bustling city known for its rich culinary heritage, has recently faced scrutiny due to food safety violations. Inspectors have discovered several concerning issues at various eateries and warehouses:

  1. Expired and Unhygienic Storage:
    • During inspections, the premises were found to be disorganized and unhygienic.
    • Storage racks were dusty, and food handlers lacked proper gear (headgear, gloves, and aprons).
    • Cosmetic products were stored alongside food items, posing contamination risks.


Blinkit operates in various cities across India, promising deliveries within 10 minutes through dark stores (warehouses located in residential areas).


The raid highlights the importance of stringent food safety measures in the rapidly growing quick commerce sector. Authorities are taking corrective actions, and consumers should remain vigilant about the quality and safety of food products.


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