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90 Shops Shut Down in Kerala for Failing Food Safety Standards

90 Shops Shut Down in Kerala for Failing Food Safety Standards


Delivering a major blow to chefs and restaurateurs, the government closed down 90 stores all over Kerala for violating food hygiene regulations. The action comes after several inspections were conducted within the state to check compliance with set standards in the preparation of food products.

Rigorous Inspections Uncover Violations

The checks carried out by the Food Safety Department show that a vast number of the facilities operate in unhealthy conditions, which can have dangerous consequences for the health of consumers. This is in line with the government’s efforts towards the promotion of the health and safety of the public.

Official Statement

A senior official from the food safety department stated: “We do not compromise with the standards and we have a strict no-tolerance policy towards any violation in the food safety issues. ” The overall motive of these inspections is to save the consumer from adverse health risks related to the consumption of food prepared at these establishments. Their controlling measure of these standards includes a stiff action such as closure of the business if they do not meet the required standards.

Social Impacts- A Large Number of Businesses Affected

The crackdown was wide-ranging and included small restaurants and more formal eating establishments right up to large department stores. Inspectors found that there were several breaches of the Food hygiene law which ranged from incorrect storage of foods, use of substandard ingredients and flouting of cleanliness standards. In several instances, expired products were being sold.

Solutions for Closed Shops

The affected shops have been served with notices detailing the violations and the measures to be taken to address the issues. These places will be allowed to reopen only after they follow with the prescribed standards and obtain clearance from the Food Safety Department.

Public Reaction

The recent closures have sparked mixed reactions from the public. While many consumers have welcomed the move, stating that the government is right to act decisively to enhance food safety, some small business owners have opposed the move, calling it detrimental to their businesses. They argue that the sudden closures could have been avoided with prior warnings and more time to implement necessary changes.

Government’s Stand

However, officials maintain that immediate action was necessary to prevent any potential health crises. “Our priority is the health and well-being of the people,” the official added. “We urge all food business operators to adhere strictly to the food safety standards and cooperate with the authorities.”

Future Inspections and Public Involvement

The food safety department has announced plans to conduct follow-up inspections and continue their vigilance across the state. They urge the public to report any suspected food safety violations, assuring that all complaints will be promptly investigated.


This is a wake-up call to all food business operators in Kerala to maintain high food safety and hygiene standards. The government’s decisive action aims to ensure that consumers can trust the safety and quality of the food they purchase and consume. As Kerala continues to prioritise public health, these measures reflect the state’s unwavering commitment to safeguarding its citizens against food-related risks.

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