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Hyderabad: Expired products found at Lulu Hypermarket and JNTU canteen

Hyderabad: Expired products found at Lulu Hypermarket and JNTU canteen


Telangana’s Commissioner of Food Safety task force teams inspected Lulu Hypermarket and the JNTU college canteen in the Kukatpally area of Hyderabad on June 26 and found several hygiene violations.

Expired products at Lulu Hypermarket 

At Lulu Hypermarket, the teams found and abandoned infested items like 10 kg of Atta Bread Mix and 15kg of loose Baguette Bread Mix in the bakery unit. The task force teams also discarded expired and beyond-use-by-date food items, including 20 kg of Sesame Seeds, 20 litres of Toned Milk, Biscuit packets, 7.5 kg of Glaze, 5 kg of chocolate dragée, and two fruit juices. The updated FSSAI licence copy was not displayed at the entrance. Workers in the food section were found wearing hair caps, gloves, masks, and uniforms. Forty FoSTaC-trained supervisors were present at the premises. Houseflies were found near the meat storage area. However, pest control records and Medical Fitness Certificates of food handlers were available. A notice will be issued, and further action will be taken accordingly, said a release.

Expired products at Sri Sri caterers 

At Sri Sri Caterers, situated in the JNTU college canteen, the team identified an improper FSSAI licence. Food handlers were found without appropriate headgear, gloves and aprons. Semi-prepared food and cut vegetables were uncovered. The kitchen was unhygienic, with food waste on the floor and no insect-proof screens to prevent pest entry.

Bottom Line

These inspections highlight the critical importance of maintaining high standards of food safety and hygiene in public establishments. Regular audits and stringent enforcement of food safety regulations are essential to protect public health. Both Lulu Hypermarket and JNTU canteen must implement corrective measures to comply with food safety standards and ensure the well-being of their customers.

Source: The New Indian Express

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