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Food Poisoning Outbreak at Bihar Marriage Function Leaves Over 50 Ill

Food Poisoning Outbreak at Bihar Marriage Function Leaves Over 50 Ill

Food Poisoning Outbreak at Bihar Marriage Function Leaves Over 50 Ill

AURANGABAD, BIHAR,13 June 2023:- A joyous celebration turned into a nightmare as more than 50 people fell ill after consuming food at a wedding function in Aurangabad district, Bihar. The incident, which occurred on 12th June 2023 in Majhauli village under the Pauthu police station, has raised concerns about food safety practices in the region.

Shortly after returning home from the event, attendees began experiencing severe stomach pain and vomiting, prompting a rush to seek medical assistance. The affected individuals were promptly transported to the Rafiganj sub-divisional hospital for urgent treatment.

Medical professionals at the hospital determined that the cause of the widespread illness was food poisoning. While the victims are now out of immediate danger, the incident serves as a stark reminder of the potential risks associated with compromised food quality.

In light of the prevailing hot and humid weather conditions, doctors suspect that the quality of the food may have deteriorated, leading to contamination and subsequent illness among those who consumed it. Authorities are closely examining the food samples and conducting investigations to ascertain the exact cause of the contamination.

This incident follows another recent outbreak of food-related sickness in Banka district, Bihar, where approximately 200 people fell ill after consuming food at a separate wedding function. Although the specific cause of the illness is yet to be determined, these occurrences emphasize the need for stringent adherence to food safety measures during such events.

Local health officials and authorities have called for increased awareness about food hygiene and the implementation of proper food handling practices, especially during large gatherings and celebrations. They stress the importance of maintaining appropriate temperature control, ensuring thorough cooking, and preventing cross-contamination to mitigate the risk of foodborne illnesses.

Efforts are underway to educate the community on safe food preparation techniques and to enhance monitoring and regulation of food handling practices. The local administration has also urged event organizers to prioritize food safety and collaborate with health officials to prevent future incidents.

As the investigations continue, it is hoped that swift action and heightened vigilance will prevent further instances of food poisoning and ensure the well-being of the community during festive occasions.

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