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Food Safety Department Seizes Rotten and Expired Food in Salem

Food Safety Department Seizes Rotten and Expired Food in Salem


The operation was conducted by the Tamil Nadu Food Safety and Drug Administration Department (TNFSDAD). The officials seized rotten fruits, vegetables, and expired food items from a Reliance Retail outlet in Salem. This incident shows the critical role played by the food safety department in protecting public health.

The Seizure

The surprise inspection by the food safety department took place at a Reliance Retail store on Iteri Road in Salem. During the check, the following items were seized and disposed of:

  • Rotten Fruits and Vegetables: A total of 31.5 kg of rotten items.
  • Expired Food:  1.25 kg of expired food items.

Legal Action

The store management will be served a notice seeking an explanation, and a case will be registered against them. This incident reminds us that regular inspections and strict enforcement are essential to prevent such unfortunate incidents.


Food safety remains a top priority, and collaborative efforts between authorities, retailers, and consumers are crucial to maintaining hygiene standards. Let us all remain aware and prioritize food safety among us.

source: TOI

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