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FSSAI makes rules more stringent for protein supplements

FSSAI makes rules more stringent for protein supplements


According to the Economic Times, which cited journal sources, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is taking strict action against protein supplement powders and drinks that do not have a medical certification or make false claims.

Why is the FSSAI cracking down on many protein powder brands?

This is in response to a study conducted by the FSSAI. Which revealed that numerous protein powders and supplements are available. Marketers inaccurately and deceptively promoted products available on store shelves, online, and in gyms.

According to the report, this crackdown may result in the prohibition of numerous products that don’t comply with the standards.

According to the research, there is a broad variety of expensive protein supplements available on e-commerce sites. With jars weighing 2-3 kg costing between ₹2,000 and ₹6,800. Due to the growing popularity and awareness of fitness.

How bad is the situation with protein powders currently?

This follows a study that was published in the journal Medicine. The study examined 36 well-known protein supplements that are sold in India. And also found that almost 70% of them contained inaccurate protein information. With some brands only providing half of what they claimed. According to research cited by The Print, 14% of them had dangerous fungus aflatoxins and 8% had pesticide residual levels.

“Most Indian-made herbal protein-based supplements are poor quality and contain liver toxic botanicals,” noted the authors, clinical researchers at Rajagiri Hospital in Kerala and a US-based technology entrepreneur. Moreover, they emphasized that the protein-based herbal and dietary supplement industry necessitates rigorous scrutiny, regulation, and fundamental safety studies before marketing.

By maintaining strict standards and keeping manufacturers responsible for the promises they make about their products, regulatory bodies like the FSSAI play an important role in protecting public health as consumer awareness and demand for fitness products continue to rise.

Source: The Print, The Economic Times.

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