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Press Council Mandates Self-declaration Certificates For Ad Claims

Press Council Mandates Self-declaration Certificates For Ad Claims

Introduction to the New Mandate

Press Council of India has recently introduced a new requirement for all advertisers and advertising agencies in a bid to curb misleading advertisements. Beginning from June 18, 2024, it is novel for any advertisement’s publication or broadcasting without a “self-declaration certificate.” This will open a new era in advertising that is transparent and accountable.

Details of the Self-declaration Certificate

This self-declaration certificate must be uploaded on the Broadcast Seva Portal for TV and radio ads, and on the website of the Press Council of India regarding print as well as digital media ads. It should bear the signature of an authorized representative of the advertiser who will confirm that the advertisement does not make false claims and respects applicable rules.

Regulatory Guidelines and Compliance

The certificate must state compliance with Rule 7 of Cable Television Networks Rules, 1994, and Norms of Journalistic Conduct issued by the Press Council of India. These regulations exist to ensure truthfulness in advertisements made without exploiting consumers’ trust.

The Supreme Court’s Directive

This new requirement arises from a Supreme Court pronouncement in Writ Petition Civil No. 645/2022-IMA & Anr. Vs. UOI & Ors., where it was ordered that advertisers must provide a self-declaration certificate to prevent the dissemination of false information through ads.

Impact on Advertisers and Agencies

To get themselves used to this new procedure, advertisers as well as advertising agencies have been given a weeks grace period. Nevertheless, the mandatory will not apply to adverts which were already in circulation before 18th June. The advertising industry is set for a significant transformation as it conforms to these new standards.

Protecting Consumer Interests

This directive has primarily been created so that consumers will not fall prey to the deceiving claims of advertisement firms. By making sure that all new advertisements are looked at by self-declaration certificates, buyers can have stronger trust in what is being shown to them.

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