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Speed vs Safety: The Food Safety Dilemma in Quick Commerce

Speed vs Safety: The Food Safety Dilemma in Quick Commerce


In the fast-paced world of quick commerce, companies are under constant pressure to deliver goods at unprecedented speeds. However, this race against time has brought to light significant food safety concerns, casting a shadow over the industry’s rapid expansion.

The incidents

Recent incidents have raised alarms about the food safety standards maintained by quick commerce firms. A particularly harrowing event occurred in Mumbai, where a customer found a human finger in their ice cream order from Zepto. This incident has intensified scrutiny on these companies, prompting food safety regulators to increase checks at quick commerce firms’ warehouses. The checks are a response to a growing number of violations and customer complaints, even as these firms continue to expand their capacity and open new dark stores.


The quick commerce sector’s commitment to speed must not come at the cost of safety and quality. As the industry continues to grow, stringent food safety measures must be implemented and enforced to protect consumers. This recent wake-up call serves as a reminder that in the rush to deliver, companies must not lose sight of their fundamental responsibility towards consumer well-being.


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