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Tea Powder Adulteration: 140 kg Seized From Malappuram

Tea Powder Adulteration: 140 kg Seized From Malappuram


In Vengoor, Malappuram, authorities seized approximately 140 kilograms of tea bags from a building adjacent to Ashiq’s residence, a local business owner. The Department of Health provided limited information, suspecting the tea powder may have been adulterated. Samples of the seized powder have been forwarded to the Food Safety Department for thorough testing.

Analysis of the leaves:

Initially appearing as ordinary tea on store shelves, closer examination revealed the powder had been tampered with using chemical additives, including synthetic food colouring known to pose cancer risks.

Incident Details:

Prompted by noticeable differences in tea appearance and texture at local shops, the Food Safety Department launched an investigation. Based on reports, Anas, a tea powder vendor from Vengara, was apprehended, with 50 kilograms of tea powder in his possession. Subsequently, a significant quantity of tea powder was discovered at the premises linked to Ashiq in Vengoor, where he allegedly supplied product to Anas.

The adulterated tea bags were reportedly sold at half the price of branded equivalents. Pending the outcome of sample analyses, the Food Safety Department has stated its intent to pursue legal action against the culprits.

Source: Madhyamam

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