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The Alarming Case of the Snake in the Supper at Bihar College

The Alarming Case of the Snake in the Supper at Bihar College


The discovery of a dead snake in the mess food at a government engineering college in Bihar’s Banka district has sparked widespread outrage and concern among students and faculty alike. This shocking discovery not only caused immediate health concerns, leading to the hospitalization of ten students, but also raised serious questions about the food safety measures at educational institutions.

Incident Overview

During a routine meal, a dead snake amidst their food appalled students, marking an incident as rare as it is alarming. The affected students experienced symptoms of food poisoning and received prompt hospital treatment.

Immediate Aftermath

The on-duty doctor reported that the students arrived on Thursday night complaining of food poisoning. After receiving timely medical care, all students have since recovered and are reported to be in good health.

Student Reactions and Safety Concerns

The incident has understandably caused a stir among the student body, with many voicing their concerns over the negligence that could lead to such an oversight. The safety of the food served in the college mess is now under scrutiny, as students demand better hygiene standards and oversight.

Investigation and Accountability

Authorities have launched an investigation in response to this incident to ascertain the cause of the contamination. Students and faculty call for accountability from those responsible for mess operations, insisting on transparency in the investigation process.

Ensuring Future Safety

Moving forward, the college administration must take decisive action to overhaul its food safety protocols. This includes rigorous checks and balances to ensure that all food served is safe for consumption and meets health standards.


The incident at Bihar Engineering College serves as a cautionary tale about the critical importance of food safety, especially in institutional settings where large numbers of individuals rely on provided meals. This incident serves as a wake-up call, compelling all educational institutions to re-evaluate their food safety practices and ensure the prevention of such distressing events in the future.

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