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Dead Frog Found in Railway Food: Passengers Horrified

Dead Frog Found in Railway Food: Passengers Horrified


A case, which gave a jolt to the buyer, was reported where a man found a dead frog in the vada bought from Shoranur railway station. This discovery has made people question the kind of hygiene standards that are going on in the railway catering services.

The discovery of the contaminated vada highlights serious hygiene failures. The case is registered under Section 138 of the Indian Penal Code and took place on June 22, 2024, where Mr. Anil Kumar, a native of Alappuzha, was a victim who consumed a vada purchased from a food stall at the Shoranur railway station. He was busy eating a snack and taking a bite of the tasty vada, he noticed something strange. To his horror, he discovered it was a dead frog.

The man who was involved in the incident.remarked, ‘I could hardly believe my eyes. It was a terrifying experience. That is why, as soon as I noticed it, I went to the station authorities, but they did not seem to take the incident very seriously at first’.

Immediate Response

After Mr. Kumar’s complaint, a physical check of the food stall uncovered the adulterated vada. Following this, the railway station authorities removed the vada from the markets and assured a detailed inquiry would be conducted into such a disturbing incident.

The finding enthused other passengers at the station to call for a severe action on the rogue food stand vending kiosk. Some of the remarks included: ‘’This is very dangerous not only to human health but also the health of animals, many of us are scared of the overall hygiene of food being sold at railway stations.’’

Official Reaction and Statements

The Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC), which runs and operates railway restaurants, offered its regrets, stating that it regretted the unfortunate event. This incident has provoked significant concern among passengers. The IRCTC is taking the matter very seriously, with executives conducting investigations to ensure that appropriate actions are taken against those responsible for such negligence. The overall well-being of passengers is of utmost importance to the IRCTC.

Investigation and Measures

An inquiry team has been tasked with investigating the case in depth. Rumors suggest that there could have been negligence in food preparation and preparation at the particular food stall. Further, it is worthy reporting that the IRCTC has closed its operations at the stall at the moment due to the ongoing investigation.

Besides, the railway authorities have decided to conduct more random inspections and enhance cleaning standards for all eateries at railway stations. This procedures are intended to help prevent future occurrences of similar events and to reassure passengers of the safety of railway food.

Passenger Reactions

News of the dead frog in the vada spread quickly, causing widespread concern among regular train users. This indeed was an audacious move as the social media pages were filled with criticism and asking for improved food hygiene.

‘This is bad. Such actions should not happen. The government should address food hygiene issues in railway stations,’ said Ms. Rekha Menon, a rail commuter.

Most passengers have a horror story to tell about the poor quality of foods they have come across, sold at railway stations; therefore, there is no need to help but apply higher standards of quality control.


This incident of a dead frog being found at the Shoranur railway station in a vada is an example of failure in checking adequate food quality and hygiene practices of railway vendors. Passengers expect the authorities to act swiftly and make concrete decisions to address these issues, regaining the public’s confidence in the quality and safety of food served at railway stations across the country.

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