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Fried Frog Found in Packet of Balaji Wafers in Jamnagar

Fried Frog Found in Packet of Balaji Wafers in Jamnagar


A disturbing discovery in Jamnagar, Gujarat, has raised concerns about food safety and hygiene practices in the snack industry. A resident by the name of Jasmin Patel reported that they found a fried frog inside a packaged wafer packet. That was packaged with Crunchex potato wafers produced by Balaji Wafers.

The Incident

Fortunately, Patel’s niece pointed out the frog before people continued eating other wafers containing even more of the product. Strict investigative actions were taken immediately to try to figure out how the frog got into a packaged snack.

Investigation: Common food safety measures

The Municipal Corporation of Jamnagar has already started exploring the issue. The food safety officers went to the wafer manufacturer to sample some of the products for testing. It, therefore, underlines the necessity of adhering to the best quality control measures appropriate packaging, and food hygiene measures in the preparation of snacks.


As the investigation goes on, when purchasing your food products, consumers are urged to report any strange development in the packaged food items. Consumer protection has been known to be at risk especially when it comes to food safety; such incidents insist on close monitoring and ensuring adherence to the set hygienic standards.

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