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“Operation Life” : Food Safety Drives to Get a Single Tag

“Operation Life” : Food Safety Drives to Get a Single Tag

Various drives undertaken by the Food Safety Department in Kerala are set to receive a unified identity under the name “Operation Life.” Health Minister Veena George made this announcement during the State-level inauguration of World Food Safety Day celebrations. These drives, which include Operation Shawarma, Operation Matsya, Operation Jaggery, and Operation Holiday, have significantly contributed to Kerala achieving the top spot in the country’s food safety index.

The Journey Towards Food Safety Excellence

  • Operation Shawarma: Focused on ensuring the safety of popular street food, particularly shawarma.
  • Operation Matsya: Aimed at maintaining the quality and safety of fish and seafood products.
  • Operation Jaggery: Addressing concerns related to adulteration and hygiene in jaggery production.
  • Operation Holiday: Ensuring food safety during festive seasons and holidays.

Kerala’s Food Safety Index Triumph

Thanks to these concerted efforts, Kerala has emerged as a leader in food safety. By consolidating these initiatives under the umbrella of “Operation Life,” the state aims to streamline its food safety programs and enhance public awareness. Minister Veena George emphasized that food safety is everyone’s business, and adulteration remains a punishable offence.

Key Highlights:

  1. Hygiene Matters: The health card for food handlers is mandatory, emphasizing the importance of hygiene.
  2. Ban on Raw Egg Mayonnaise: To prevent health risks, the use of raw eggs in mayonnaise has been prohibited.
  3. Increased Inspections and Fines: Kerala witnessed a record increase in food safety inspections, resulting in fines totalling ₹4.05 crore.

World Food Safety Day serves as a reminder that safe food is essential for a sustainable and healthy existence. Let us continue to prioritize food safety and work collectively to protect public health.

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